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What is it?

"The Life Files"

 is a 'must have' for estate planning in Canada.

It helps you do that thing we all plan on doing

but never get around to - get organized!

"The Life Files" is a gift you'll leave your family
or Executor that will make a difficult time easier.

"The Life Files" is peace of mind.​

It can be overwhelming for your Executor or family

to understand and be aware of all the details of your life.

'THE LIFE FILES' allows you

to organize and document  these details for them.​

The Life Files is meant to accompany your
Will and Power of Attorney.


Paper vs Online

The Life Files is not available online nor is intended to be stored on your devices.

It is intended to be printed and accompany your

Will and Power of Attorney.

We live in a world where a document in your hands and in your home can be the most secure option.

Websites get hacked.  USB drives get lost.

Computers get stolen. Files become corrupt. 

Passwords get forgotten.

Digital Copy


Yes! You can order a

digital copy to print yourself.

(note: digital copy cannot be edited on your computer) 

Or, you can order a paper copy

to be mailed to you.

Take action.  Get organized.

The Life Files is a comprehensive and customized kit just for you!